App Shack was founded by Simon Berglund and Pontus Andersson in 2013, as a result of their burning interest for mobile apps and technology.
App Shack has since then grown exponentially, and was awarded the prestigious Deloitte Fast50 Tech Award in 2018, as well as the Gold Mobile Award in 2016 and 2017 for our work done on Tmpl and Länsförsäkringar Bank.

Today, App Shack is a strong contender in the development market and is proactively looking to extend their digital footprint in the world of mobile applications.

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We stand for Quality

We want our customers to feel confident that whatever they buy from us, they will get top quality deliveries. That is what App Shack stands for, and that is where our focus lie in all our projects.To honor this duty, we have processes and guidelines that all our work follow and comply with. It is deeply rooted in all of us that top quality is essential to maintain happy customers and keep being the high-end brand that we are. Having this mindset has brought us to a customer satisfaction rate of 97% - and we have more than 100 projects and clients that cooperates with us.

We are around the globe

Distance is never an issue. We have several successful projects with both national and international customers, working from our office here in Uppsala.It’s essential to know your customer and their vision in order to develop the best possible product. We focus on keeping our customers in the loop and make sure that they are involved, up to date and in control - at any time.

We consist of people with different competencies and skill levels. As a company we act together as a joint force in all our projects. All our staff love to help each other out whenever they can. They know that such attitude benefits the company and leads to more satisfied customers.

We are a competence hub

We Love Helping Out

We love contributing to the world. We’ve developed several free applications whom all contribute to public welfare in one way or another - and we’ve been acknowledged for it too. Our flagship, Fritt Fram, was awarded the Accessibility Award for being an innovative, modern solution to a structural problem. That’s a great example of how we are giving back to society.

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