App Shack is proud to receive the Di Gasell award 2020

App Shack
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The business term "Gazelle" was coined in the 1980s by the American scientist David Birch who was one of the first to recognize how important fast-growing companies are for creating jobs in the economy:

  • Elephants are large enterprises that employ many people but are more poised to lay-offs rather than recruiting.
  • Mice are the very small one-person shops, who do not intend to grow and are working for their breadwin.
  • Gazelles, however, are the fast-growing companies where a lot of new jobs are created, and are pillars in the economy.
A screenshot of the Di Gasell virtual award ceremony, listing companies on a screen, including App Shack.
Here, here! App shack recognized at the Di Gazelle Awards ceremony! 🎉
Being awarded the DI Gasell for the first time is a great achievement and marks a major milestone for App Shack as a company. I feel very proud of the work that I, my co-owners, and co-workers have put in to make this happen. Without you, this would not be possible
Simon Berglund
CEO, App Shack

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