App Shack receives prestigious accessibility award

Johan Berglund
November 13, 2019

Fritt fram! The importance of giving back to society has always been in focus for App Shack. We have for a long time built services that help people in their everyday life. Now, one of our most eminent mobile applications has received an award for great public contribution in terms of accessibility. The award is called ”Tillgänglighetspriset”, which translates to ”The accessibility award”. It is handed out anually by Västerås City (link).

The Success Story

"When Fritt Fram was released, it was praised by the public and assistance companies used it as a tool in their daily work. Metro, one of Swedens most read newspapers, wrote an article about the success (link)"

Simon Berglund

CEO, App Shack

”We are incredibly proud to have built something that is appreciated by so many individuals. The response for Fritt Fram has truly been overwhelming and we have received praises and attention from all around the country. This proves that there is so much more that needs to be done to address the issues that these people are facing every day. Fritt Fram is just a single step on the long walk towards an including society without discrimination.” - Simon Berglund - CEO, App Shack

Ewa Samuelsson

Politician responsible for accessibility and disability matters

I think the Fritt Fram App is a praiseworthy initiative and a great example for how IT can enhance accessibility.

Frederick Scholander

Marketing Director at SverigeTaxi

The Fritt Fram App is a brilliant initiative to help to provide accessibility information to people with such needs.

Emelie Wernberg

User of Fritt Fram

It’s really about time that Fritt Fram is available as an app for us who did countless phonecalls to stores and other premises with inquiries about accessibility. Hats off!

The App

Together with the young entrepreneur and personal assistant Petra Lindström, App Shack has built the mobile app Fritt Fram. It helps people with accessibility needs to be spontaneous in their every day life. Even though Sweden is one of the most accessible countries in the world, it’s not possible to trust accessibility information provided by the government. All of Fritt Fram's places have validated accessibility information. Fritt Fram is a really convenient way to access this information for thousands of public places around Sweden.