App Shack successfully launches DNS monitoring service

Johan Berglund
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We launched the DNS monitoring service!

Our subscription service monitor availability, integrity and general health of our customers domain name servers (DNS) and their domains. The domain name servers provide the translation of human readable names like URLs, email addresses and such, to computer understandable IP addresses. The DNSmonitor service is aimed to minimize downtime by providing our customers with detailed information about what and where when something goes wrong.

App Shack developed a great administration tool for the service that DNSMonitor provides. We are thrilled to go live with this and we are sure that the product will be a success. Henrik - being the DNS guru he is - will have no trouble bringing this useful tool to market.
Simon Berglund
CEO, App Shack
App Shack made a serious and professional impression when I met them. They were available when I needed them and I have chosen to stay with them since they do a really good job and are easy to communicate and develop ideas with.
Henrik Dahlberg
CEO, DNSMonitor Sweden

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