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App Shack is a digital partner with vast expertise and extensive knowledge in product development and design. We've got the passion, experience, and knowledge to be the digital partner that you need for bringing your product from idea to reality and success.
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Customers with great ideas need an exceptional partner.  A partner that knows your idea inside out. A product-oriented partner that won't just do what you want, but dares to question your ideas and thoughts in order to reach a better product. That is App Shack.

App Shack's industry-leading expertise within product development has helped several major brands build and launch exciting digital creations and bring them to incredible success!

We are professionals

Having participated in over one hundred projects, App Shack has gathered extensive knowledge and experience within digital product development. We know all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. We also know the components of a successful partnership.  

We do our best to know our customer, their business, target audience and vision and use this knowledge to deliver high-quality results from day one. All adhering to agile product development principles. For all our products, we've strongly advocated for a short time-to-market, followed by iterative improvements - rather than a massive launch at the end of the project.
We know that the earlier you can have real users test your product the sooner you can iterate and improve it.  

Our customers can feel confident that their products are built in a scalable, secure and high performing fashion, and that best practice standards are applied everywhere.

We are experts in

Banking and Payment solutions

We are - and have been - involved in several different projects within financial technology. One or two of those are huge apps with millions of users and transactions per day. We are well experienced integrating popular payment services, such as Stripe or Swish. We are doing so adopting best practises in terms of security - For you and your customers safety.

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A few of our flag ship apps hook up against IoT devices, such as smart electronic locks, home utilities, micro relay-controllers, vending machines and more.

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Internet of Things (IoT)


This field has been a focus area for us for a long time. We’ve built complete eco-systems for both international and local customers within the e-commerce sector. A few of those have grown to be incredibly successful companies.

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