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Olivela is an e-commerce plattform selling luxury items from world leading brands while donating money to charity. Olivela comes from the two words: olive and vela. The olive tree represents growth and wisdom while “vela” is the Latin word for sails of a ship. Olivela helps set children forth on the right path in life. When you purchase an item from the store, Olivela gives a portion of the proceeds to charitable causes that improve the lives of children. You can see the impact your purchases make sending a child to school, giving children access to music programs, and providing daily essentials to families to break the cycle of poverty.

The service consists of a website and an iOS app for both iPhone and iPad, all built using the latest technology in mobile and web development. App Shack has been working closely together with the rest of the core team of the project, creating an innovative and playful marketplace for high-quality clothing.



The website is developed in the PHP framework Laravel, App Shack is responsible for implementing the UI of the site using front-end languages such as CSS/LESS and Javascript.


App Shack is responsible for the development of the iOS application for the platform. The app is developed for iPhone and iPad using the latest iOS technologies with Swift as the main programming language.

Main Features

Product Feed

The product grid can be filtered down with a flexible filter feature, supporting selection of brands, sizes, colors, categories and more. Users can choose to navigate products by either specifying a specific cause or by navigating the different product categories or brands. An array of filtering options are also available for narrowing down the products further.

The Olivela Effect

After making a purchase the user gets access to the ’Olivela Effect’, which is a dashboard that enables users to see the charitable impacts resulting from their purchases. Each item sold shows the precise benefit it can deliver through the work of Olivela’s charitable partners.


Olivela offers secure payments via Apple Pay, PayPal and credit card, using the popular Stripe framework. The application offers the user to save their shipping/billing address and payment details for fast and easy checkouts.


GOOD+ Foundation

GOOD+ Foundation is working with its partners to provide essential gear and supplies and life-changing parental support to families in need. Through GOOD+ Foundation, $2.85 can provide one day of diapers.

Malala Fund

Malala Fund is working for a world where all girls can learn and lead without fear. Through Malala Fund, $2.78 can provide one day of school.

VH1 Save The Music

VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s goal is to make music and instruments an accessible part of every child’s education. Through VH1 Save The Music Foundation, $1.39 can provide access to one day of music.

Too Young To Wed

Too Young To Wed protects the rights of girls by delivering its message – that every girl can decide for herself, if, when, and whom to marry – around the globe. Through Too Young To Wed, $4 can provide one hygiene kit for a child marriage survivor.

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