Digitalizing recruitment

We've all heard the saying, “Every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time”. Maybe in some variation but the essence remains, having the right person at the right place is key for success in all businesses. In the beginning of 2019 SvD reported that the shortage of experienced personnel costs Swedish companies around 34 billion per year (1). Companies have vacant positions to fill, they just can’t find the right person.

However, the lack of qualified personnel isn’t the only issue. Results from a survey that TRR (Trygghetsrådet) conducted 2016 shows that around 1.8 million want to switch jobs but only 1.1 million did (2). Other surveys also shows that 71% in the age 40 - 55 want to switch jobs but only 13% are actively searching (3). Why is that? The most common reason is comfort and job security at the current workplace. It is also a lot of work applying for new jobs, writing a CV, applying on job-ads and go to interviews. But if the right job offer came along, they would be happy to switch.

How it works

Seven out of ten jobs in Sweden aren’t even advertised by the recruiting companies (4). The main reason for this is to avoid the administration of applicants and fruitless interviews. Instead companies use connections and networking in order to fill their positions. But this means that the right person is out there to fill your vacant positions, they’re just not at the right time and place to get the job offer they want. This is the issue that Wappare resolves, by matching passive candidates with companies that have their dream job.

Digital CV

One of the main problems for passive candidates is the tedious application process. Writing CVs, contacting companies and applying for jobs are time consuming tasks and the whole process feels dated. Wappare looks at the recruitment process from another angle, in their portal companies contact candidates. As a candidate you register to the site and provide information about your previous working experience, passions and dream job, to create a digital CV. The CV is not bound to Wappare and you can download and share it as a PDF or a link. This means that you create the CV once and can use it everywhere. When you register you’re also added to Wappares candidate database, where companies can search for candidates that match their job description and company values. You get paid during the whole application process since wappare feels that applying for a job is work in itself and should be rewarded. Your CV is anonymous until the company pays for it, this means that age, gender and race discrimination is erased and you can be judged on your skills instead. It’s never been more beneficial and easy to get out on the job market!

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