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Apps today mean more to people than just mobile and web based software. They are a major part of peoples life. Our engineers will build your app in a high-performing, scalable and secure manner, while keeping the end users experience in focus.


Having a unique interface for your product is extremely important for business in terms of marketing and identity. Our experts in Interaction Design and User Experience will transform your core values into a beautiful product that people will love.


Developing your platform using a cloud computing approach will provide efficiency, scalability and agility to your product. Having a stable platform is essential for your service while distributing it across the globe ensures an optimal experience for your users.

Our work



TMPL is a smart home service which creates a better and more sustainable living. Technical solutions which interacts with a social platform were both neighbours, businesses and real estate agencies coalesce. The core of the service is a user friendly and powerful app where the user have full control over every part in their home.



Olivela comes from the two words: olive and vela. The olive tree represents growth and wisdom. Vela is the Latin word for sails of a ship. Olivela helps set children forth on the right path in life.

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Who we are

App Shack is a versatile development company based in the heart of Sweden. We’re creating cutting edge mobile apps, websites and backend systems to solve everyday problems, for everyday people. App Shack has built a range of award winning services for several companies around the world - from smaller startups to larger enterprises.

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